How to add a link to copyright text

In order to add a link to copyright text, please find \wp-content\themes\mariana-handmade\footer.php file on your server, line 87 (or you may use Appearance -> Editor). Here is what you currently have:

<div class="copyright_text"><?php echo force_balance_tags(nl2br(mariana_handmade_get_theme_option('copyright'))); ?></div>

Once you add a link, e.g https://themeforest.net/ for copyright text All rights reserved, you will get the following code:

<div class="copyright_text"><a href="https://themeforest.net/" target="_blank">All rights reserved.</a></div>

This code helps you to implement a custom link for your copyright text which will be opened in a new tab. If you would like it to be opened in a current window, please remove target="_blank" from the code above.