How to edit a background color of the mobile menu.

This article will guide you how to change a background color of your responsive mobile menu.

You can replace background color in skin.css file. You can find this file using FTP or File manager in Hosting control panel. Here is the full path: wp-content / themes / p-xel / skins / default / skins.css, line 734.

This is  code that you need to edit:

.header_mobile .panel_top, .header_mobile .side_wrap {
    background-color: #f26642;

Replace background-color: #f26642; with the color code you need.

You will also need to make changes in this code (the same file - skin.css, line 722):

.header_mobile .search_wrap, .header_mobile .login {
    background-color: #f26642;