How to Add an Extra social icon

If you would like to implement an additional social icon to your website, please do the followings:

  1.  Open \wp-content\plugins\trx_addons\includes\ plugin.options.php in any text editor.
  2. Add this code on line 318 (e.g. for Linkedin icon):
'socials_linkedin' => array(                "title" => esc_html__('Linkedin', 'trx_addons'),                "desc" => wp_kses_data( __("Link to your profile in the Linkedin", 'trx_addons') ),                "class" => "trx_addons_column-1_3",                "std" => "",                "type" => "text"            ),

So your code file will look like this:   

3. Add this piece of code on line 373:

'share_linkedin' => array(                "title" => esc_html__('Linkedin', 'trx_addons'),                "desc" => wp_kses_data( __("URL to share your posts in the Linkedin", 'trx_addons') ),                "class" => "trx_addons_column-1_3",                "std" => trx_addons_get_share_url('linkedin'),                "type" => "text"            ),

Once you make these changes, the file should be the following: https://prnt.sc/fhjitj  

You may see the full list of the default icons in /wp-content/plugins/trx_addons/css/font-icons/demo.html file on your server.

4. Save the changes and open your WordPress admin panel, Appearance>ThemeRex Addons >Socials section.  

5. Copy and paste the link to your Linkedin profile and click on Save Options button.

Done! You have added an extra social source to your website which will be available on the top panel and footer. 

Be free to make the same edits to use some other social networks on your website.